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As a teenager I was fascinated with how my father would peek behind his old Petri 7S camera and turn the lens this way and that; about a week later the memories of that paticular day were forever frozen in time. The sound of the shutter snapping was hypnotizing and it would lure me into his closet when he wasn't around. I would sneak it down from the top shelf of his closet and pretend I was a professional photographer.  I didn't know it but Bring The Noise was being birthed. Thanks, Dad! 

Today, Bring The Noise is not just a job or career; it's who I am! It's not just a hobby; it's who I am! It's not just another photography company; it's who I am! I tell all my clients, when you work me, you're not working with someone who takes pics, pictures, photos, or photographs; I create images.

My passion for fashion and modeling has allowed me to meet and photograph many beautiful people. Because of my love for low light photography, I'm always pushing the envelope and coming up with new ideas to create my own signature style of photography, which I call "One Light Model Photography". Welcome to the world of a professional headshot photographer!

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